A Tale of Two Perspectives



“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times………”
-Charles Dickens

Certainly these images portray the best of times. No, we’re not going to give you a synopsis about how these images relate to love, sacrifice, and resurrection. We’ll leave writing brilliant novels with profound underlying messages up to the likes of Charles Dickens. I mean, let’s be real, we aren’t novelists – we take food, make it pretty, and take pictures of it.

When we were planning for this shot, we only planned to shoot it from one perspective. As artists, we concept and visualize how and what we want the shot to look like. It’s sketched, layed out, shopped, and propped for. Then, the day of the shoot comes and BOOM – we nail it, it’s in the bag, that’s a wrap!

That may be the case in most situations; but for P&H, we aren’t always satisfied. A different angle, some small tweaks, and BOOM – another perspective.

So, tell us what you think. What perspective speaks to you? Is one image more visually appealing? Which one tells a better story?