Pheasant & Hare is the collaborative effort of two creatives, Richard Westley Wong (The Pheasant), and Sara Bartus (The Hare). The two connected on the set of a photo shoot while peeling potatoes and rolling out dough. Realizing they both shared the same aesthetic and eye for the beauty in the little things, they joined forces to create gorgeous mouth-watering images wherever work brings them.

Their projects encompass a broad range of genres and clients – from advertising, editorial, and web photography for national leading corporations like General Mills and Supervalu - to cookbooks for the James Beard Award winning restaurant Kramarczuk’s. Pheasant & Hare combines their experience, talents, and love for food to create lasting images.

From development to styling, concept to creation, storyboarding to storytelling, Pheasant & Hare delivers their plate of creativity to your table.

Bon appétit!