Siam Sip

RecipesAug 16 20131 Comment

This drink is perfect for those hot and muggy days that stretch into evening – leaving you thirsty for something cool and happy hour friendly. Our August in Minnesota has not been like that – no sticky sweaty days, and in a weird way we miss it… So, this drink is a nod to those sweltering days. It borrows flavors from Thai ...

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A Tale of Two Perspectives

“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times………” -Charles Dickens Certainly these images portray the best of times. No, we’re not going to give you a synopsis about how these images relate to love, sacrifice, and resurrection. We’ll leave writing brilliant novels with profound underlying ...

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Mill Creek Inn

Last week P&H was in Buffalo, Mn shooting web and menu items for Mill Creek Inn - a bar and grill that the locals like to call, “The Crick.” The Crick has a welcoming small town vintage vibe with plenty of cold drinks, and classic good eats! The challenge you ask…….How about shooting food on location with ...

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Kramarczuk’s Family Classics Cookbook

BooksMay 06 20132 Comments

Pheasant & Hare has some very exciting news to share! This winter we had the great honor of shooting a cookbook for the highly acclaimed restaurant Kramarczuk’s. Kramarczuk’s is a nationally recognized and well respected restaurant located in Northeast Minneapolis. It is considered an institution in Minnesota, and has even been ...

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