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Happy Chinese New Year!!!

Chinese New Year begins on the first day of the lunar calendar, and is considered the first day of Spring. Commonly called the Spring Festival – this year it falls on January, 31st 2014. Chinese New Year is rich with history and also folklore; dating back to at least 14 century B.C., and the Shang Dynasty! Historically, families prepared ...

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Happy New Year: Riesling Rosemary Poached Pears

Holidays, RecipesDec 31 2013Comments Off

As the year comes to an end and with it being the condensed holiday season (we don’t know about ya’ll, but we’re exhausted!), we’re looking for quick and easy recipes.  Here’s a simple and elegant way to ring in the New Year with Riesling Rosemary Poached Pears. Cheers to a wonderful 2014 from Pheasant & ...

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