Mill Creek Inn

Last week P&H was in Buffalo, Mn shooting web and menu items for Mill Creek Inn - a bar and grill that the locals like to call, “The Crick.” The Crick has a welcoming small town vintage vibe with plenty of cold drinks, and classic good eats!

The challenge you ask…….How about shooting food on location with artificial light during business hours on a Saturday?! On top of that, during “Buffalo Days,” the city’s annual celebration.

You may not know this, but at P&H we don’t back down from anything. What some studios might call, “impossible,” we call, “fun.”

The only available space for us to work was right in front of the door, nestled between the bar and the pull tabs window. Between greeting guests as they arrived, side stepping the ample pull-tabbers, and wrangling entertaining guests, we were able to pull off some great shots. Thanks Mill Creek Inn for a great shoot!