New Client Work

Client WorkNov 20 2013Comments Off

It’s been a very busy fall at Pheasant & Hare – we’ve been up to all sorts of things, so we’re excited to share with you some of the images we captured for our new clients. Pheasant & Hare is thrilled to be working with Rocket Man Digital and World Kitchen.

Rocket Man Digital helps companies like World Kitchen tell their stories through relevant, engaging, and measurable content.

World Kitchen helps consumers make cooking, baking, and organizing a snap! You may have never heard of World Kitchen, but we can almost guarantee that you have one of their products in your kitchen today! Their brands include: Pyrex, Corningware, Corelle, Chicago Cutlery, Baker’s Secret, and Snapware.

Here are some recent shots we took for their web content….

Weekend Freeze

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Corelle | Top 5 Most Popular Corelle Dinnerware Patterns: Click Here