With our focus on advertising, editorial, and web photography, P&H captures the ephemeral beauty of fresh food. Whether it’s using natural or artificial light, we have the experience and vision to create and capture the elegance of cuisine, simple as that!

Food Styling:

Documenting the fleeting beauty of fresh food doesn’t just happen on it’s own. We have a passion for all things edible & delicious; finding the lovely details in every bowl, plate, root, or roast. It takes a steady hand, a keen artful eye, and years of culinary expertise. We bring food to life, it’s what we do!


Still photography is one thing - motion is another! We love to tell stories here at P&H, and what better way to do so than capturing moments with moving images. We love to work with agencies, but we can also produce, concept, storyboard, direct, shoot, and edit ourselves!

Recipe Development and Consulting:

At P&H we believe delicious recipes start with fresh, natural, and whole foods. We strive to formulate succulent and appealing recipes that look as good as they taste. We love the challenge of working with new and different ingredients, and have special interest in specialty diets like gluten free cooking. From inspiration, to taste testing, to formal recipe – we can provide unique and accurate recipes to showcase any ingredient!