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Blood Orange Old Fashioned Cocktail Cake

Recently, the Old Fashioned Cocktail has made its way into the “libation rotation” at the Hare household. We love our cocktails, and the Old Fashioned has become a particular favorite with my husband. With the abundance of beautiful blood oranges at the grocery store, we’ve been incorporating them into a deep, dark, wintery ...

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Siam Sip

RecipesAug 16 20131 Comment

This drink is perfect for those hot and muggy days that stretch into evening – leaving you thirsty for something cool and happy hour friendly. Our August in Minnesota has not been like that – no sticky sweaty days, and in a weird way we miss it… So, this drink is a nod to those sweltering days. It borrows flavors from Thai ...

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Mill Creek Inn

Last week P&H was in Buffalo, Mn shooting web and menu items for Mill Creek Inn - a bar and grill that the locals like to call, “The Crick.” The Crick has a welcoming small town vintage vibe with plenty of cold drinks, and classic good eats! The challenge you ask…….How about shooting food on location with ...

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